Thursday, February 18, 2010

Starting to think SPRING!

Over the past couple of weeks, Chris has been searching and the end, she picked up these great pieces for the shop...there will be more as time moves past winter and we see Spring on the horizon...

This awesome reproduction cupboard (pictured above and below) came in a couple of weeks ago! It's made with antique wood so if you don't tell your friends, they'll never guess! It'll be our secret.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful crock stand? It's a warm deep shade of blue and you can't believe how much linear storage it'll give you. Great in an entryway, dining room, kitchen hallway.

This certificate of authenticity will accompany the primitive hand-sculpted, hand-painted, paper mache rabbit pictured below. The artist, Craig Yenke's work can be viewed online. These are not easy to get, but it seems that this bunny will make it to the shop just in time for Easter!

(Please be advised that in real life, due to lighting conditions colors on all items may vary.)
Chris is working toward setting the shop for spring. A little painting, a few new items (more to come as time progresses toward Spring) and we at The Colonial Housefitter are looking forward to a little spring-like weather just as you are!

***Keep your eyes pealed...for an announcement of a SPRING EVENT!***